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    Feb 9, 2023

    Part of the beauty of the Magic Mike franchise – beyond the dumb, ripped guys who grind and dance in an impossibly simple way – is the show’s malleability and flexibility based on release. The first installment, 2012’s Magic Mikeit was almost a Steven Soderbergh girlfriend experiment, looking at times at the lives of male extortionists who use their sexual powers for financial gain. With the 2015 Magic Mike XXL from director Gregory Jacobs, all the deep emotions are thrown into the air to create a completely plotless road trip filled with the funniest dance sequences in movie history. Who needs a basement when you can have it Joe Manganiello Perform the whole Backstreet Boys song in a convenience store? Collier’s video today

    The event that was Magic Mike XXL was almost immediately considered one of the best series ever made, raising the stakes for the final Magic Mike performance, Channing Tatum thought. Honorary Mike’s final report. But for those who are expecting The Last Dance It’s Magic Mike XXL 2 or, perhaps more correctly, Magic Mike XXXL, they have missed the mark of this series – again, when they watch some of the -hot guys doing some music. sexy. while Magic Mike’s Last Dance It may be the weakest of this trilogy, and it may be a contradiction after the events of the last film, and it is an opportunity for Soderbergh and Tatum to try new things and characters these people, and they are clearly interested in doing. him.

    We meet Mike for the first time in the Last Dance, we see that the robbers sometimes have to pass the evacuation. Since we last saw Mike, he is now 40 years old, and when he finally opened the store he always wanted, it closed due to illness, leaving him to become a bartender. in Miami. But Mike’s luck was not bad for long, because soon he met Maxandra Mendoza (Salma Hayek Pinault), a wealthy socialite who first paid him for sex, and decided to pay him $6,000 for the dance, after learning that he was the first. an escape. It is clear that the jig is falling (before it starts, Mike checks the stability of the adjacent furniture and arranges the flowers, planning each movement before the music begins), and in Soon the two were in bed anyway.

    Now that Max has seen Mike’s talent, he offers him an offer: come with him to London for a month to work undercover, and at the end of that time, he will pay him $60,000. Mike accepts, saying that he is no longer a dancer, but that Max has bigger plans in mind. Max wants to bring her old husband home so Mike can perform there, allowing the audience to feel some of the magic Mike gave him in the first concert. Together, Mike and Max try to start a show in a month, which will use Mike’s skills as a dancer, making the bones come back in a way that Max’s husband can’t. Magic Mike’s Last Dance is often torn between two different stories: that of Max and Mike’s love interest and the journey of making this show, neither of which works entirely on its own. After the first song between Max and Mike, which shows how strong and exciting their chemistry is, only an unnecessary barrier separates them. So far, the show falls into all the clich├ęs I’ve seen of any kind of “the show will go on” storyline, from the difficulty of understanding the third act, to the anticipation of the conclusion the presentation.

    But while the first two films explored the smiles, laughter and laughter from Mike as he hangs out with his friends, The Last Dance ends that kind of friendship. Instead, they are introduced to a new group of dancers that Max and Mike are training for their new show, and while the show tries to have fun with them, something These movies are usually a little exciting. In one scene, Soderbergh plays this story as a heist movie – clearly one of his favorite genres – as the dancers try to win over a woman who can continue their show. The series ends with a dance in the car in which he can’t help but say the lyrics to XXL, but which ends when it starts. While it’s not a bad idea to drop something like this for an XXL lover, aside from bringing in some new blood for this new installment, these picks – along with a brief look at some of Mike’s former crew – make it It’s hard not to want more. one we have seen in the past. And as Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith) said to XXL “It’s not bro time, it’s show time.”

    But like any good foot dance, The Last Dance has moments to slow down, to run, before surprising you with sexy moves that bring you back. Red Caroline might be a little tricky, and it might be a bit of a bummer for those who want to join all their favorites for another ride, but in the end, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is about Soderbergh and Tatum saying goodbye to this world and having. fun to do it. For Tatum, also in his 40s, The Last Dance almost feels like closing a part of his career, where we get the favorite music of people who love Magic Mike You Want n ‘indeed, like Pinault’s dance and the dance is incomparable. rain later in the film. But especially with the tamer acting and dancing, I can’t help but feel like Tatum and Soderbergh are praising Tatum’s work on stage, the amazing ability Tatum shows even when he’s keeping his clothes on. However, Soderbergh looks like he’s having fun here. During the montage of Max and Mike gathering new dancers for the film, Soderbergh sits back and lets these people show off their skills and the crazy ways they can move their bodies. In one shocking moment, the dancer almost bends over, Soderbergh gives us a lot of time to try to figure out how this person twists their body in such a way like this.


    The Last Dance also builds on the series’ big finale, and while in theory the series is pretty bad narratively (and although Mike claims that he did strip, the series is an attempt to do something deeper and more emotional, come on, you know it always ends up like a show of mine), Soderbergh has fun with the part. Not only is this an ongoing celebration of what these dancers can do, which is truly amazing, but also how joyful these guys can be. – as we can see from the group of musicians. In this series, Soderbergh is funny, throwing in unexpected breaks from everywhere, and even putting one of the big numbers falling on the music of Dandy Warhols, everything.

    While there are obvious flaws in The Last Dance – not only is it the worst of the Magic Mike franchise, but it’s also vintage in a way that Soderbergh’s films don’t exist it’s always hard not to hold back. at all events. It’s always been a great little series, and Soderbergh and Tatum relished the chance to stay in this world one last time, play with the universe, try something weird, and come out with one last punch.

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